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About me

I have been working in PR and communications for twenty-five years. First in agencies working for consumer brands in London and Sydney, and then I moved into the not-for-profit sector. I spent ten years at Oxfam, as Head of PR, managing a big team and big budget and travelling to many countries where I met some incredible people. After that I moved to set up a consultancy working independently with small and large organisations on their PR and communications. At this point I had two daughters and I wanted a fulfilling work-life, that meant I could also be a present and energetic parent. Most recently I have been working with a health charity helping them adapt their communications to respond to the pandemic and with an organisation aiming to put the needs of families at the heart of the family justice system.

I hold the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Diploma in coaching and mentoring (post graduate level.) My work is guided by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC.) In 2022 I qualified as an Emotions Coach Practitioner, taking part in a world first, now award winning training programme.

My own coaching experiences

The first time I was recommended to have a coach was by an insightful boss who wanted to help me break the pattern of some self-sabotaging behaviour which could get in the way of my success as a newly promoted head of department.

The second time was to support me through a turbulent period of change at work and help me build up my visibility and voice within the workplace.

The third time I was encouraged to design and write a ‘business plan’ for how setting up as an independent consultant would fit with my values.

Currently I have coaching as I find each session resets me, challenges my ways of thinking and propels me forwards towards the goals I have set.