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I work with activists, campaigners, communicators and cause-motivated people who are committed to tackling the world’s big hard problems – health equity, climate change, poverty, loneliness – you name it.

My aim is to help you and your teams thrive.

Case studies

Associate director of social research organisation (finding my voice)

Katie helped me prepare for a big presentation. She helped me find my voice – not only for this presentation but for my professional life in its entirety. I now approach public moments with poise and calm and confidently know how to weave my personal and professional voice into one. It’s been life changing. The feedback I have had from other people has been affirming. 

Director of comms agency (supporting a fast-growing team)

As the sole lead of a growing agency, it can feel isolating, so I used the time with Katie to chew over some of the bigger decisions I wanted to make at work in terms of supporting the team and growing the business. I am now recommending Katie to members of my agency who want to build their self-awareness and confidence.

Head of project management (overwhelm and emotions at work)

R asked for help in managing her emotions which were hijacking her at work, stopping her speaking up, and confidently articulating her needs. By the end of coaching R was able to report she was in a much better position at channelling her emotions and coping with feelings of overwhelm. 

Board director, comms (unjumbling thoughts)

Katie helped me prepare for my appraisal. I am the world’s best at focusing on the company’s needs, motivating my team and getting the work done. But I forget myself in this mix. We identified that I have an issue identifying and saying what I need personally, perhaps seeing it as a weakness, a hurdle we got over and it placed me well to start a negotiation for a sabbatical. Katie’s coaching helped me unjumble my thoughts, and shift from seeing the need for a break to a positive that can only be beneficial to me, my employer and my team. 

Founder and director of female equality charity (making a big life decision)

Katie gave me the space to explore and reflect on a big life decision I needed to make. She helped me focus on creating a good ending, not just for me but also my team, so they see my departure as positive. Then we creatively approached what my next role might be, addressing my practical needs as well considering my values and strengths and ruling out what I really don’t want to do as well as creating strategies for making sure I don’t waver from believing in myself and my ability.

Head of research unit (prioritising myself)

I said to Katie, I want to be the bride not the bridesmaid for once, that my career has been a series of compromises around my family, and that I see a drive and ambition in my daughter and wonder when it got knocked out of me. We worked together over a series of months and got into the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back, and now I am taking steps to set up my own business. One of my big blockers was about putting myself first in my planning, Katie has really championed me to have my own back. 

Senior editor (better work-life balance)

I worked with Katie over six sessions, and my main goal of coaching was to try to manage a better work life balance. I’m currently mid-career in a senior role, and at a point where exciting opportunities for progression into leadership roles are emerging. But at the same time feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work, and struggling to manage work life as well as family life with two primary-school-aged children. I was apprehensive at the start of coaching about whether I would feel comfortable, but Katie put me at ease straight away. I really valued the time we spent talking together as a time to pause, take stock, and really think through some of the things that are important to me. I found Katie’s notes on our sessions particularly helpful – she managed to clearly distil what we had talked about and they reflected back so accurately what it is that I wanted to achieve. I still refer back to these notes several months later as a concrete reminder. We talked through different strategies and techniques for managing stress that have been useful for me since. I would definitely recommend coaching with Katie to others.

Consultant, media and comms (exploring career options)

Katie helped me explore career options available to me at a point when I was feeling stuck and bruised by some toxic work-place shenanigans. She helped me re-frame the story I have been telling myself about how employable I am, determined what I needed to do to get job application and interview ready. I left feeling buoyed and enthused.